She De Ell: Shy Girl Blush

11:00 PM

Just like my last post, I'll be introducing to you guys another product that I'm absolutely obsessed with: the Shy Girl Blusher from She De Ell. She De Ell is the sister brand of Lohacell and I can't wait for you guys to get your hands on these products!

If I were to choose a make-up product that I can't live without, it would definitely be blush because I tend to look pale. It's actually one of my insecurities because people point it out when I'm not wearing any make-up. One of the perfect blushes for me is definitely this one from She De Ell because it blends perfectly with my skin!

1. The Shy Girl Blusher comes in 4 colors!

2. It's smooth, fine, and also long-lasting!

She De Ell will also be on the market very soon, this is a brand to definitely watch out for!

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