Lohacell: Pop Drop Shine Lip Tints

10:46 PM

I guess you can say that I've taken an interest in the Korean Culture. It's become such a trend now and seems like everyone is talking about it so it's pretty hard to shy away from it. What got me really hooked though was the Korean Skincare and Make-up craze. I'm not really a professional when it comes to make-up, I prefer going for more minimal looks and I'm not very keen on wearing heavy make-up which is why Korean make-up brands are perfect for me.

Lohacell is probably one of my favorite make-up brands. I'll be highlighting one of my favorite products for this post which is the Pop Drop Shine Lip Tint. 

I usually don't like glossy lip tints but this one is definitely an exception. 

1. It moisturizes

The moment I placed it on, my lips did not feel dry at all and it kept my lips moisturized for the rest of the day!

2. There's a wide range of shades available

It comes in 5 colors:

Peach, Tangerine, Baby, Rose and Fuchsia 

3. You can wear it in two ways: 

Full or Gradient

4. The ingredients are from fine organic sources! 

Lohacell will be available on the market very soon so watch out for this promising brand! 

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