USM: the essential online resource for students

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USM is a convenient, helpful and efficient online destination for students. Courses, professor ratings, a place to sell your old school materials, a place to exchange notes, find study guides and even flash cards. USM serves as a platform to encourage universities and students to connect with one another.

You can browse by Category or University, and also upload your own items and manage your own online store!

USM is the perfect site for students because of it's accessibility, availability and efficiency. I personally find this site very helpful because it helps me when it comes to saving time. It's a site of every student's dreams. Not to mention that registration is also free. Students can even make and save some money with it's Marketplace feature. USM encourages student-to-student exchange of textbooks, notes, and anything related to student life (electronics, Fashion, sports equipment, appliances, tickets, housing, opportunities etc.).  

with it's easy site navigation, you can find and sell what you want to in no time!

         The marketplace feature on this site provides easy access to what other students are selling!

Professor reviews are even available and you can add your own!

                      Even find information on all the different universities across the Philippines!

              USM is definitely the new student spot online! Go and register now at:

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